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Career Education

Instilling hope through career development. ICENET offers career and business education for those who want to launch a business, start a career or just improve in their exisiting field. 


ICENET will team youth and adults with a person in their chosen field for mentorship and encouragement. Exploration of the actual experience in that field is important to establish if it is a good match for the individual. 



ICENET will equip the individual with the necessary tools to explore their chosen field more in-depth. 



We have a huge network of trainers and professors in leadership and business to educate individuals in the details of forming a business plan, running the finances, leading teams, and so much more. 

If college is desired, we will assist individuals in getting into a school to gain the necessary degree for their career or trade. 



ICENET will help the individual explore funding options for their business or career from grants to SBA loans, to investors. 

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